Parman Energy Group to Acquire Chevron Business from Lube-Tech & Partners

ParmanEnergyGroupParman Energy Corporation, now Parman Energy Group, announced its upcoming acquisition of Lube-Tech & Partners’ (Lube-Tech) Chevron branded lubricants business in early March 2018. Under terms of the agreement, Parman Energy Group will acquire most of Lube-Tech’s Chevron-centric customer base. With this arrangement, both Parman Energy Group and Lube-Tech customers will continue to receive the same products and services they receive today, with the same level of uninterrupted customer service and support.

Parman Energy Group’s Upper-Midwest regional headquarters will be located in St. Cloud, MN, with additional distribution locations in Roseville, MN and Des Moines, IA. Parman Energy Group’s employee base will be comprised of Lube-Tech employees, including customer service, sales, drivers and warehouse staff. These Lube-Tech employees will become Parman Energy Group employees in early March 2018. Lube-Tech will continue to directly provide recycling, fuel and equipment products and services to Parman Energy Group customers.

“Lube-Tech is a family-owned company with a mission to make tomorrow a little bit better than today for each other, for our customers, and for our community” says Lube-Tech Chairman, Chris Bame. “Above all, we are proud of the relationships our Lube-Tech family has formed with our customers over the years. As the industry progresses towards more focused supply relationships, our new service arrangement with Parman Energy Group ensures our Chevron customers will have the right team and product offering to take their business performance to the next level.”

“Parman Energy was founded as a family owned business and is now 100% employee owned” says Steve Moore, Parman Energy Group’s President and CEO. “Our entry into the Upper-Midwest market is a key element in Parman’s overall growth strategy, and we look forward to bringing our trademark level of Totally Outrageous Customer Service to our customers there. Parman Energy Group shares Lube-Tech’s values and operating philosophies and is privileged to be able to continue the customer focused service that Lube-Tech customers have come to expect.”

About Parman Energy Group
Parman Energy Group, formerly Parman Energy Corporation, is an employee owned company that delivers quality lubricant products, diesel exhaust fluid, motor fuels, petroleum equipment, coolants, and related products, solutions and services. Since the mid-1930’s, the Parman name has been a name synonymous with petroleum products in Tennessee and has continued to expand their diverse petroleum product offerings throughout the Eastern U.S. For additional information, please visit the company website at

About Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC
Lube-Tech & Partners was formed in June 2016 by the founding companies of Boyer Petroleum (Des Moines, IA), Lubrication Technologies (St. Paul, MN), and Moore Oil (Milwaukee, WI). The merged organization has built upon the founders’ long history of an employee-centric, customer-focused approach to business. As the Midwest’s go-to resource for advanced lubrication and energy solutions, Lube-Tech is driven to help customers accelerate their business performance through a high-octane approach to service – with a mission to make tomorrow a little bit better than today for its employees, customers and the community. Based in St. Paul, MN, Lube-Tech & Partners has operations in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and serves commercial, automotive and industrial customers. The company produces and distributes millions of gallons of lubricants and chemicals and employs over 200 people. For more information, visit

Round One Price Increase Summary

With nearly all major lubricant manufacturers announcing adjustments, the first round of finished lubricant price increases in 2018 will make its mark in the history books.

The first announcement JobbersWorld reported on came when CAM2 announced on January 12th that it was pushing through a price increase effective February 5th. This was soon followed by Shell and within three days of the first announcement, most lubricant manufacturers also announced with ExxonMobil only seven days after Shell. A summary of the most recent price increase announcements are shown below and that’s followed by a summary of all finished lubricant price increases JW reported in the first round for 2018.

As of today, the list of companies JobbersWorld reported on that have announced lubricant price increases in 2018 is shown below:

Announced Date
Effective Date
CAM2 1/12/2018 2/5/2018 6 to 10%
SOPUS Products (Shell Lubricants) 1/15/2018 2/19/2018 up to 5%
Advanced Lubrication Specialties (ALS)
1/16/2018 2/5/2018 6 to 10%
Sinclair Lubricants 1/17/2018 3/1/2018 up to 6%
Chemlube 1/18/2018 2/5/2018 $0.20 to 0.25/gal
Nu-Tier Brands 1/18/2018 2/19/2018 6 to 8%
Martin Lubricants 1/18/2018 2/16/2018 4 to 7%
Safety-Kleen 1/18/2018 2/19/2018 5 to 8%
Pinnacle Oil 1/19/2018 2/6/2018 6 to 10%
Royal Mfg 1/22/2018 2/26/2018 5 to 8%
ExxonMobil 1/22/2018 2/26/2018 up to 6%
Reliance Fluid Technologies (RFT) 1/22/2018 2/26/2018 5 to 9%
Chevron 1/22/2018 3/1/2018 up to 5%
Warren Oil 1/22/2018 2/23/2018 4 to 10%
CITGO 1/23/2018 2/23/2018 5 to 8%
Petro-Canada 1/24/2018 2/23/2018 Lubricants up to 6%
Process Oils and Purity FG White Oils $0.10/gal
Warren Distribution 1/24/2018 2/26/2018 6 to 9%
Smitty’s Supply 1/24/2018 2/12/2018 lubricants 6 to 10%
Greases 3cpp
Phillips 66 1/25/2018 3/5/2018 up to 5%
Old World Industries 1/29/2018 2/12/2018 6 to 10%
BP Lubricants USA (Castrol excluding industrial) 1/29/2018 3/12/2018 up to 6%

News on the Wire

Lubrication Technologies agrees to acquire Professional Carwash Systems, Inc.

Lubrication Technologies announces acquisition, strengthening Solutions & Services business

Lubetech2Lubrication Technologies announced today that they have reached an agreement to acquire PCS (Professional Carwash Systems, Inc.) with a purchase date effective April 17, 2017. PCS is a vehicle wash sales, installation and service business headquartered in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Founded in 1991, PCS is a regional leader in vehicle wash systems for the Convenience Store, Grocery, Independent Automotive Service Center and Car Dealer markets with operations in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin. PCS offers in-bay automatic and tunnel wash solutions including supporting equipment and chemical products. Combined with the Lubrication Technologies (Lube-Tech) family of companies, Lube-Tech is well positioned to expand the PCS business to Lube-Tech’s broad automotive and fleet customer base across the Upper Midwest. The addition of PCS will provide Lube-Tech and PCS customers with one-stop access to a professional network of lubrication and cleaning maintenance specialists, products and services.

While PCS will become part of the Solutions & Services business of Lube-Tech, it will continue to operate under the PCS name. Lube-Tech and PCS customers will benefit from Lube-Tech’s Total Customer Care offering which includes a broad lubricant, cleaner, energy, recycling, fluid handling equipment and service portfolio along with more than 500 Lube-Tech employees working to ensure their continued success. PCS will continue to offer complete car wash services including sales, installation, service, supply, marketing and laboratory support and will continue to be headquartered in Buffalo, Minnesota.
PCS founder Bob Englund will retain his role as President of PCS and will report to Rick Cummings, General Manager of Lube-Tech’s Solutions & Services business. “This union will provide our valued customers with an even greater level of service and support through the merging of our resources and vast combined experience in the Midwest,” said Bob Englund, President of PCS.

“Lube-Tech and PCS not only share a rich history of quality and customer service; they share the same values as family owned organizations who care about their employees, their customers, their suppliers and their communities. We welcome PCS and its 30-plus employees to the Lube-Tech family”, said Chris Bame, CEO of Lubrication Technologies.

About Lubrication Technologies
Since 1925, Lubrication Technologies (Lube-Tech) and its family of companies have demonstrated an employee-centric, customer-focused approach. Lube-Tech’s mission is to help customers accelerate their performance – from their engines and equipment to their bottom line – while continuously improving our employees’ lives and investing in our community. Lube-Tech serves transportation, automotive, industrial, and small engine customers in over 70 countries with operations throughout the Midwest region, Shreveport, LA, and Langenthal, Switzerland. The company produces and distributes millions of gallons of lubricants, fuels and chemicals; and employs over 500 people. Lube-Tech & Partners Distribution Group serves Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. For more information, visit

Leading Midwest Petroleum Distributors Join to Create Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC

Boyer Petroleum, Lubrication Technologies and Moore Oil Company announce merger, expanding geographic reach and core product and service offerings.


From Left to Right: Scott Haag, Chris Bame, David Boyer

Three of the Midwest’s largest petroleum distributors, Boyer Petroleum (Des Moines, IA), Moore Oil Company (Milwaukee, WI), and the Distribution arm of Lubrication Technologies Inc.  (St. Paul, MN), announced today they have entered into a merger to form Lube-Tech & LTI-Map-NathanPartners, LLC. Under this merger, the new company’s 200 combined employees will provide over 20 million gallons of lubricants and chemicals, as well as a broad portfolio of products and services to over 7,000 customers throughout the Upper Midwest. Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC’s primary geographic service coverage will include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Iowa and Eastern North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC customers will continue to receive local support from the teams they know and trust, and can expect expanded product and service offerings in the future. The company remains committed to delivering “peace of mind” to its customers by providing solutions that help them improve performance and their bottom-line through lubrication customization, consultative support, and one-stop shopping for equipment, cleaning, recycling services, and energy solutions.

Noteworthy new roles within Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC include David Boyer, President of Boyer Petroleum, who will serve as Director of Sales & Operations for the Iowa Region of Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC, and Andrew Haag, President of Moore Oil Company, who will serve as Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

“Our goal in bringing these companies together is to create a sustainable, multi-generational, family-owned business that will be a leader in providing petroleum solutions for the Upper Midwest and beyond,” said Chris Bame, Chairman of the Board for Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC. “We share a history as strong, family businesses that foster an employee- and customer-centric culture. Our shared mission is to continually help our customers accelerate performance while enhancing our community and the lives of our employees. By joining together, we’re positioning ourselves for accelerated growth and an exciting future.”

“Andrew and I are extremely excited about the future for our employees, customers and community as we merge Moore Oil into Lube-Tech & Partners,” said Scott Haag, Shareholder and member of the Mergers & Acquisitions Team at Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC. “Our industry is rapidly changing which requires our business model to change as well. The great number of talented people on our new team, combined with our size, scale and shared product and service offerings, will allow us to turn the challenges we face into great opportunities.”

“This merger will be positive for our customers, employees and our suppliers,” said David Boyer. “We’re excited to share new technologies, new products, new services and new efficiencies. Bringing three family-owned businesses together into one company enhances our motive to serve our customers and each of our employees. It’s a great opportunity for Boyer Petroleum. My father, Art, and I, are proud to be a part of it.”

Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC will go to market under the Lube-Tech brand and will have central branches in Des Moines, IA, St. Paul, MN and Milwaukee, WI.  To learn more visit

About Boyer Petroleum
Boyer Petroleum – founded by George Boyer in 1936 – celebrates 80 years in business this year! Owned by Art and David Boyer, Boyer Petroleum serves all of Iowa from their Des Moines headquarters and are leaders in lubrication and petroleum products in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets.  Their 28 employees are an experienced team, committed to providing the best solutions and services to their customers.  This experience means excellence – to their customers, their employees and their suppliers.

About Lubrication Technologies, Inc.
Since 1925, Lubrication Technologies, Inc. and its founding companies have demonstrated an employee-first, customer-focused approach. As the Midwest’s go-to resource for advanced lubrication and energy solutions, Lubrication Technologies, Inc.’s mission is to help our customers accelerate their performance – from their engines and equipment to their bottom line – while continuously improving our employees’ lives and our community.  Lubrication Technologies, Inc. serves transportation, automotive, industrial, and small engine customers in over 70 countries. Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota Lube-Tech has operations throughout the Midwest region, Shreveport, LA, and Langenthal, Switzerland. The company produces and distributes over 25 million gallons of lubricants and employs approximately 400 employees. Its Distribution Division distributes lubricants throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Western Wisconsin and includes approximately 100 of the overall Lube-Tech employee base. For more information, visit

About Moore Oil Company
Moore Oil Company, based in Milwaukee, WI, has been in business since 1945. Owned by Scott and Andrew Haag, their service territory covers Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Northern Illinois, through its three locations in Milwaukee, WI, Plover, WI, and Burr Ridge, IL. “There’s More to Moore than oil”, is a meaningful statement that represents Moore Oil’s 70 talented employees, its depth of products, its focus on helping customers and partners grow and develop, its desire to solve problems and present solutions, and its commitment to the community. Moore Oil has been recognized as a “Top 100 Employers” in Milwaukee.

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