More Majors Move

More Majors Move

In addition to the price increase JobbersWorld reported earlier today, Chevron also announced an increase…

Chevron announced a price increase of up to 5% on its finished lubricants and greases. The increase is effective March 1, 2018. Chevron attributes the increase to the higher cost of raw materials.

Other increases reported by JobbersWorld today include:

ExxonMobil announced that effective February 26, 2018, it will implement an increase of up to 6% on its branded and unbranded lubricants and greases.

Royal Mfg announced it will increase the price of its oils and greases by 5 to 8%. The increase will go into effect on February 26, 2018. Royal Mfg attributes the increase to the rising cost of base oil and additives.

Safety-Kleen advised its customers that due to the increase in cost of base oils, additives, and other raw materials used in manufacturing and transporting products, it will increase its prices on its finished lubricants by 5 to 8%. The increase goes into effect February 19, 2017.

As of today, the list of companies JobbersWorld reported on that have announced lubricant price increases in 2018 is shown below:

Company Announced Date Effective Date Increase
CAM2 1/12/2018 2/5/2018 6 to 10%
SOPUS Products (Shell Lubricants) 1/15/2018 2/19/2018 up to 5%
Advanced Lubrication Specialties (ALS) 1/16/2018 2/5/2018 6 to 10%
Sinclair Lubricants 1/17/2018 3/1/2018 up to 6%
Chemlube 1/18/2018 2/5/2018 20 to 25 cpg
Martin Lubricants 1/18/2018 2/16/2018 4 to 7%
Safety-Kleen 1/18/2018 2/19/2018 5 to 8%
Pinnacle Oil 1/19/2018 2/6/2018 6 to 10%
Royal Mfg 1/22/2018 2/26/2018 5 to 8%
ExxonMobil 1/22/2018 2/26/2018 up to 6%
Chevron 1/22/2018 3/1/2018 up to 5%

Base Oil Price Increases

Phillips 66 announced it will increase the price of its Ultra-S 2 and Ultra-S 3 base oils by 24 cents per gallon (cpg), and its Ultra-S 4 and Ultra-S 8 base oils by 22 cpg. The increase goes into effect January 25, 2018.

Petro-Canada announced that effective January 26, 2018, it will implement an increase of 24 cpg on its Group II+ 65N base oil and 22 cpg on its Group III 4 cSt, Group III 6 cSt, and Group III 8 cSt base oils.

Quarles Petroleum Acquires Propane Distributor Noblett Northern Neck Gas

Following on the heels of Quarles Petroleum’s announcement earlier this month of acquiring Petroleum Distribution Business of Colonial Fuel Oil, yesterday Quarles announced the acquisition of Propane Distributor Noblett Northern Neck Gas.

Quarles Petroleum, Inc., a regional provider of residential and commercial fuel, and lubricants, has acquired the propane gas distribution business of Noblett’s Northern Neck Gas in Kilmarnock, Virginia. Quarles will transition the Northern Neck Gas operations into the current service center office located in Warsaw, Virginia.

“Northern Neck Gas propane distribution business is a perfect complement to our existing business in the region,” said Paul Giambra, CEO of Quarles Petroleum. “The acquisition solidifies our position in the market and substantially expands our customer base in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. The Northern Neck Gas customers can expect Quarles to deliver the same high quality of customer service they’ve received in the past.”

Noblett’s Northern Neck Gas was the first bottled gas supplier in the Northern Neck, delivering propane for cooking, hot water, pool heaters, gas dryers, generators and heating since 1939. The Hudnall family has owned and operated Northern Neck Gas since 1981 and will retain ownership of Noblett Appliances in Kilmarnock.

“We’re pleased to pass stewardship of our propane distribution business to Quarles Petroleum,” stated Joe Hudnall, president of Northern Neck Gas, “and are confident that they will continue to deliver the high-quality products and service our customers have come to expect. We’re also pleased that many of our customers will continue to see familiar faces, as our delivery and service employees-many have been with the company for over 20 years-have been offered opportunities to continue in their positions with Quarles.”

About Quarles Petroleum, Inc.
Established in 1940 as a one-truck oil company in Warrenton, Virginia, Quarles Petroleum is a regional provider of residential propane and oil, commercial delivered fuels, fleet card sites and services, and lubricants. The family-owned firm headquartered in Fredericksburg serves customers in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Quarles strives to provide superior customer service and competitive prices every day. Quarles continues to seek the right opportunities to accelerate their growth through strategic acquisitions. Click for more information about Quarles Petroleum.

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